We supply and install Polyflor contract flooring products in Yorkshire.

Polyflor-Commercial-Flooring-YorkshirePolyflor are a major UK flooring product manufacturer based near Manchester, England producing a wide range of commercial and now residential floor coverings. They export products across the world which is true testament to the quality of the brand.

Significant investment of around £34million over the last decade has meant that they have been able to expand the product range considerably and so you don’t need to travel far before you pass a quality Polyflor installation.

Polyflor’s success is certainly put down to their customer focus, as they work closely with contractors, specifiers and end users to ensure that everyones requirements are understood. Polyflor have dedicated people across their business dealing with all aspects of their business right from the representatives they employ in their salesforce to the technical department and design team that provide comprehensive customer support.

Our relationship with Polyflor goes back many years and throughout this time we could not have asked for better service and support for their products and supply.

If you would like to know more about the Polyflor range of flooring products then why not give us a call. For now, check out the video below for a taster of what you can expect when choosing a Polyflor product.