Joseph Hamilton & Seaton Commercial Carpets Yorkshire

Joseph Hamilton & Seaton (JHS) are a leading supplier of commercial carpets suitable for use in all commercial applications ranging from Hotels, Leisure Centres, Offices, Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Retail and more. The range of products available are vast and include contract carpet plus a whole host of other commercial floor coverings too.

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Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring….. luxury?? Indeed! With todays modern materials and manufacturing processes – the flooring market is flooded with lots and lots of designs that leave customers spoilt for choice.

Vinyl floor coverings have evolved over recent years and are the first choice for many that want a beautiful look that is comfortable on the foot and hard wearing for use around the home or indeed business.

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Commercial Flooring Installations Hull

With decades of commercial flooring experience Bespoke Floors are a trusted and respected flooring contractor based in Hull.

Our expert commercial flooring fitters can help with your floor project planning, product selection, flooring installation, maintenance and flooring repair to get the most durable and affordable floor for your business.

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Click wooden flooring

Click (or lock) flooring is a relatively new type of wood flooring option. Essentially a way of covering existing flooring (but not uneven wood floors or carpet), it gets its name from the fact that the boards used in its construction process “click” (or lock) together, removing the need for fixing using nails, staples or glue. In fact, click (or lock) flooring is often portrayed as one of the simplest, most straightforward ways of installing a wooden floor, particularly on a DIY basis.

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Commercial Wood Flooring

If you’re planning to install commercial wood flooring there’s a whole host of things you’ll need to take into consideration thanks to the broad range of wood flooring solutions which are ideally suited to a commercial environment.

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Fixing squeaky floors

If you’re being troubled by a squeaky or a creaky floor, you won’t need anyone to remind how annoying it can be. Squeaky and creaky floors in the daytime are one thing, but squeaky, creaky floors at night can disrupt a whole family’s sleep, particularly if one or more members of the family need to walk over the offending boards to get to the loo!

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Commercial Flooring West Yorkshire VOC Emissions

Flooring, as well as other building materials such as furnishings, paints and office equipment, are significant sources of VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) in buildings. There is increasing demand, backed by standard and testing schemes, to reduce VOC emissions from indoor sources. As part of their Enviromental Policy, Gerflor participates in the improvement of Indoor Air Quality inside buildings and are proven to rank amongst the lowest VOC emissions on the market.