Gradus Barrier Matting

We supply and install Gradus Barrier & Matting flooring products in Yorkshire.

Gradus Barrier Matting Installers


Did you know that around 70% of dirt and moisture, such as dust, mud, water and litter in buildings is brought in by pedestrian and wheeled traffic?

The entrance to your business should be safe, clean and and of course be capable of creating that great first impression. Installing an effective matting system such as the Gradus Barrier Matting system can help;

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  • Reduce the amount of dirt and moisture walked into a building by up to 90%
  • Reduce the risk of slip accidents
  • Reduce cleaning and maintenance costs
  • Help provide safe access for all users of buildings
  • Help your entrance create a great first impression

We supply and fix both primary and secondary barrier matting systems by GRADUS. using the Gradus Systematic approach, which combines the use of primary barrier grid matting and secondary barrier carpet. When laid in different areas throughout a building, a Gradus Barrier Matting system provides an attractive, functional solution to ensure the effective removal of tracked-in dirt and moisture.

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